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Sunday March 7th, 8 PM GMT, UK Time (21:00 h Zagreb) Live Workshop: Ego


Join me live and learn how to treat your ego, what is your ego telling you, should you destroy your ego, how to match reason and soul and many more LIVE on Satruday!


*The Workshop is held ON-LINE in program ZOOM, which means that you can participate in the Workshop from any part of the world via your mobile phone, computer or tablet. After purchase you will receive link for registration on your e-mail.

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In themed Workshops you will learn how to look at life challenges through the eyes of Source and your soul.

They are great for everyone who wants to hear direct answers to their questions from Source and want to have a higher perspective about something that bothers them.

You will be able to realize how much Source/Universal intelligence/your soul loves you, appreciates you and support you even when you are facing challenging life situations.

Attending themed life-changing Workshops will give you the opportunity to:
– hear practical solutions to your everyday struggles,
– receive information directly from Source
– heal your issues through guided transformative energy healing exercises.

Each Workshop lasts over one and a half hour and it enables you to participate from the comfort of your home. You have privacy but you are also connected through chat with me and other participants and can ask Questions if you would like.

My own technique that I have developed is based on traditional and modern energy healing techniques plus my own experience and personal growth and over several thousand energy treatments made these years of working with you based on experience and your feedback.

I am looking forward to meet you! ?

Your webinars are great, not to mention the courses! I remember the first email I sent you. What a vibration it was then, and what it is today! When we started the course, everything changed so quickly and I come up with a solution with ease. You are really great and I am glad you are a part of my life!


Anita, you have so much strong and powerful energy, so much knowledge and experience that I strongly recommend to anyone who longs for transformation and personal growth. Your webinars are a real magic after which we become richer, more beautiful, gentler souls! You helped me make my life more fulfilling, fluttery and magical! Thank you!


Anita is a selfless woman, full of understanding, encourages and supports every person in her personal growth. She is open-minded, spontaneous, joyful and I am thankful to her to heaven!


That ease of yours with which you transfer your knowledge and explain me always delights me again and again! The sentence “Let everything happen for our highest good” completely changed my outlook on life! I wholeheartedly recommend it.


I met Anita without knowing anything about meditation and bioenergy. I thought I had to have a problem to start dealing with it, but she revealed a whole new dimension of personal growth to me. Conversations with her are so simple, yet powerful. I recommend to everyone!


I have been listening to the Webinar about miracles for two days now and I am going to listen to Love for myself is the most important love! God how wonderful Webinars. This love for myself is so soothing, wonderful, life examples, wonderful ... I am drawing a sketch and enjoy listening. I look forward to continuing the course <3