Saturday January 16th, 7 PM GMT, UK Time (20:00 h Zagreb) Live Workshop: Let Go and Manifest Love


Join me live and learn how to let go and manifest love. In new year learn how to start new intentions for your new reality! Let go the heavines of 2020., let go old and allow the transformation. Learn How to talk with the source within you. Feel free to ask Questions during livestream. Workshop includes Meditation with energy support at the end.

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In themed Workshops you will learn how to look at life challenges through the eyes of Source and your soul.

They are great for everyone who wants to hear direct answers to their questions from Source and want to have a higher perspective about something that bothers them.

You will be able to realize how much Source/Universal intelligence/your soul loves you, appreciates you and support you even when you are facing challenging life situations.

Attending themed life-changing Workshops will give you the opportunity to:
– hear practical solutions to your everyday struggles,
– receive information directly from Source
– heal your issues through guided transformative energy healing exercises.

Each Workshop lasts over one and a half hour and it enables you to participate from the comfort of your home. You have privacy but you are also connected through chat with me and other participants and can ask Questions if you would like.

My own technique that I have developed is based on traditional and modern energy healing techniques plus my own experience and personal growth and over several thousand energy treatments made these years of working with you based on experience and your feedback.

I am looking forward to meet you! ?